I arrived at Northwestern yesterday, June 29, at around 11am.

I started this blog today, June 30.

I feel like I need a bit of purpose in both. And so here is this essay.

To promise you merely a public journal seems self-indulgent, as writing that muses gets boring and egocentric, and “a public journal” is wot to muse. Even when E.B. White (that master of musing) mused, he mused with purpose. And when he journaled, he journaled with a purpose.

Well, at least I think he did.

But instead of a-blog-a-dozen “public journal,” here’s this:

This is a blog of a seventeen year-old musician who is wavering between instruments and professions. As he discovers and thinks and practices, he’ll post the musical thoughts and revelations he stumbles upon- and they’ll be thoughts for any music lover, not just for esoteric classical nerds. The blog will be something of a narrative. It’ll have some stabs at photography.

And hopefully, in reading it, you’ll discover a bit of your seventeen year old wavering self again.


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