“O, you are men of stones…”

I traveled into Chicago on Sunday, which is where I found this king.

I also found A Sunday on the Grand Jatte, Nighthawks, American Gothic, and the Grant Park Orchestra. It was something akin to cultural overload (Now I’m also bummed I missed Sunday in the Park).

The Grant Park Orchestra, which performs in an outdoor Gehry-designed concert hall, played an all-American program; I’ll have extended notes from that concert soon.

In the meantime, here’s a my picture of King Lear in context (he’s over 15 ft tall), and here’s a video where you find out just what he’s turning away from.


2 Responses to ““O, you are men of stones…””

  1. Hmm. I never knew you could put stone through one of those Play-doh extruders to make hair. Great photo. Is the sky ever any other color in Chicago in the Summer?

  2. The sky seems to be this color a lot. Yesterday, though, it was an ominous gray. And tonight the clouds in the Chicago-direction were a deep magenta, and there was a lightning storm to the east.

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