“A Young Man’s Dreams”… at dusk

My crepuscular walk through Northwestern’s campus brought me here, to the peninsula which juts out of the campus. I’m rather proud of this shot, which I took from the small wooden bridge.

And, yes, the title today was a sly reference to the mournful droning of Gordon Lightfoot.

But on to more important news:

Today Eyes Closed, Listening made its first online friend: William J. Zick at Africlassical, a fantastic site (and accompanying blog) about “African heritage in classical music.” Commenting on my previous post about Leo Brouwer, Zick writes:

Leo Brouwer is one of the best known classical guitarists in the world, with a particularly large number of film scores to his credit among his many compositions. “Cuban Landscape with Rain” is one of my favorite Brouwer works.

Ooo! This is so cool.

The African influence on classical has always fascinated me, since I have a strong background in both jazz and contemporary African choral. The African influence on classical cannot be understated: where would composers like Bernstein if we lacked ideas like call and response, or compound time?

And his site delivers the goods: it has biographies and short audio snippets from over fifty African-descended composers, many of which I didn’t know about. Duke Ellington is there, of course, but so is William Grant Still and the eighteenth-century Le Chevalier de Saint-George.

And, as promised, Zick also has a full bio and complete discography on Leo Brouwer. Africlassical is a great site, and it’s clear Zick is both informed and passionate about his field. It’ll be at the top of my list whenever I need to do speculative pop-and-classical research now.

Also, in a delicious bit of web serendipity, Zick blogged the Michigan Civil War Blog’s coverage of the Grant Park Orchestra’s performance last week of In Memoriam: The Colored Soldiers Who Died for Democracy, composed by William Grant Still. I attended that performance! Yay, postmodern everything-is-connected-ism!

By the way, everyone, some links get lost due to the styling of my blog. It’s hard to tell where exactly they are, sometimes. So just run your mouse over the text and you’ll discover them– there’s one here, for example. And if something looks like a link, it is.


2 Responses to ““A Young Man’s Dreams”… at dusk”

  1. Many thanks for your very kind overview of http://www.AfriClassical.com and AfriClassical Blog! This post appears on AfriClassical today. I hope we will continue to exchange information on African Heritage in Classical Music. Best wishes, Bill Zick

  2. I want this one too, before I have to pay for your photos 🙂

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